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Meet the Cast: Real World Brooklyn Thursday, December 11, 2008

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The 21st season of Real World will air January 6th on MTV. It will be the first HD show that MTV has aired meet the cast:





Baya, 21 – Salt Lake City, UT
Raised by hippie parents, Baya’s laid-back granola vibe hides a deep passion for the hip-hop culture, especially when it comes to dancing. A very friendly and positive person, she continually feels like a fish out of water, which stems from growing up as a non-Mormon in a predominately Mormon Salt Lake City society. Baya, who is a DJ, aspires to be a professional hip-hop dancer and is determined not to allow her severe panic attacks to stand in her way as she searches for the best place to develop her craft. When she is not sweating to funky grooves or spinning music, Baya is dedicating her time and energy to social and environmental causes.

Chet, 23 – Salt Lake City, UT
Chet is not the typical punk rock party boy. Despite his tight jeans and affinity for neon clothing, this University of Utah frat boy is one of ten children in a devoted Mormon family. Recently single, Chet’s flamboyant style and energetic personality always make him the life of the party. However, this doesn’t mean that he will compromise his firm beliefs – no alcohol and no premarital sex. Chet may not chug beer with his fraternity brothers, but he will take care of them when they get drunk – and sometimes play a prank or two. A strong conservative Republican, he is not one to shy away from voicing his opinions or standing up for what he believes. Chet’s goal is to become a television host.

Devyn, 20 – Kansas City, MO
A winner of Miss Missouri Teen and Miss America Teen pageants, this beauty queen is the epitome of a “Diva.” Devyn may be easy on the eyes, but she’s tough on anyone who stands in her way. She lives for the lime light, whether it’s center stage or at the center of the club. Her flirtatious behavior allows her to get what she wants without having to give up anything – especially sex. Known as a tease, she lives by the quote: “It is easier to get into Heaven than into Devyn.” A theatre and music studies major at the University of South Florida, Devyn hopes to one day be a part of the entertainment industry. Devyn has no problem juggling multiple suitors at any given time; however, her mother and late grandmother, who taught her to be the moral woman she is today, hold the special place in her heart.

J.D., 22 – Miami Beach, FL
Life wasn’t always smooth sailing for JD, who grew up in an abusive home in Orlando, FL. At the young age of five, JD was inspired to become a dolphin trainer after a trip to SeaWorld where a passion for animal training and marine mammals instantly developed. JD knew he had to work hard to achieve his dreams, which motivated him to swim competitively in high school. Despite his rough childhood, JD found the courage to move to South Florida and attend the University of Miami – and became one of the youngest dolphin trainers at Miami Seaquarium at the tender age of 19. He continues to live wholeheartedly by the motto “work hard, to play hard.”

Katelynn, 24 – West Palm Beach, FL
Katelynn is a native of West Palm Beach and was raised in a religious Italian household, where she dreamed of being as good of a mother to her children as her own mom has been to her. Yet, this goal seemed unattainable since Katelynn was born male. In high school, she realized that something was missing in her life, and she began the slow transgender process by starting to dress in more feminine clothing. By age 17, she began living as a woman. This past July, Katelynn traveled to Thailand to undergo surgery to complete her transformation. She is a self-proclaimed computer geek and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. After a string of bad relationships, she hopes to one day marry her current boyfriend, Mike.

Ryan, 23 – Gettysburg, PA
Ryan may be considered a small town guy but he has had his fair share of adventure. After enlisting in the Army at age 17, Ryan completed a tour in Iraq where he guarded Saddam Hussein during his trial and lived through many near-death experiences. He found an outlet to express his feelings through writing and music and returned from duty with a newfound appreciation for life and a better perspective on the world around him. A class clown who juggles his time between amateur filmmaking, guitar playing and devising his next prank, Ryan is currently in his first relationship ever.

Sarah, 22 – San Francisco, CA
Sarah may look like another tattooed punk but under her ink is a passionate woman with an intense past. Rising above a traumatic upbringing where she was the victim of sexual abuse, Sarah has dedicated herself to educating and advocating for sexually-abused men and women through art and creative therapy. An artist at heart, Sarah hopes to have her art shown in a gallery. She has recently fallen in love with a guy she met on a set-up through her mother – until now, most of Sarah’s relationships have been with women.

Scott, 23 – Salem, NH
Often perceived to be a “muscle head,” it is hard to believe that this well-built personal trainer used to be thin as a rail. Still, Scott has more to show off than his award-winning abs, which were featured in Men’s Health, he is the first in his family to graduate from college. However, Scott’s ambition doesn’t stop there. Now an accomplished personal trainer, he has created his own fitness website to educate the public on health and fitness while pursuing his new passions – acting and modeling.

MTV is 21 seasons strong with the original reality show! We shall see how these roomies can entertain us and then they will off to competition shows or into oblivion.


The ‘L’ Word Spoiler Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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January 18, 2009 The ‘L’ Word will air its 6th and final season bidding its farewell to Showtime and fans everywhere. Well here’s the thing if you have not heard they will kill off one of the original cast members in the first episode, wanna know who it is? Out of respect for my readers that would like to find out in January continue reading to see who…




Fox 5 Atlanta Investigates NeNe Leakes From Real Housewives of Atlanta

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Fox 5 Atlanta got ALL UP AND IN Nene Leakes business, you have to see it for yourself, check it out!


Brothers to Brutha

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The number one spot for my favorite reality show right now is definitely Brothers to Brutha.

Last nights episode began with all the boys going to the beach and speaking with the mother of Anthony, Grady, and Jared. She reminded them of wanting them to buy her a house by the beach so they need to put that on the to do list.

Then the set up came for their father to come and sit with both the mothers. That actually went better than I thought it would go. It was absolutely horrible to hear the things that this man has done and to know both woman had multiple children with him. From punching them in the face to kidnapping them it was hard to hear. The more I hear about their past the more I like them and hope for great things in their future. I do hope that their bond can stand the test of money and fame.

Next week they hand to Miami and party it up, I will tuning in to witness the evening.


Biggest Loser

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I have been rooting for this girl for a long time so I am glad to see that she secured her spot to compete in the finale, even being placed at 1st place by losing 9 pounds. Vicky will also be competing and I much rather would have liked Ed or Heba to have the secure spot. Ed sabotaged his weight to make sure that he did not take Heba’s place in being in the running to win. At the end of the show they were informed them that America would decide who the 3rd finalist would be and in the confessionals Ed tried to convince America to vote for Heba. I personally don’t care I am to busy rooting for Michelle and hoping Vicky doesn’t win. I can’t really gauge what would be better for Michelle, Heba was the heaviest woman but Ed has lost more weight than anybody so I will just have to tune in for the finale next week to see. I LOVE Biggest Loser finales they are the best finales in reality tv, hands down!


Farewell to Laurie of Real Housewives of Orange County

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Well my favorite housewife gave her exit interview last night to say goodbye to cameras filming her life. Her son Josh is addicted to heroin and she wanted to focus her attention on her home life and not entertaining cameras. I’ll miss my girl watching her go from where she was season one to finding love and money, which is rare to find in the same person. Best wishes to her.

Now as for the other happenings on the show.

Vicky and Don accompanied Tamra and her husband on their 10th wedding anniversary trip to Napa. Vicky and Don spend absolutely no time together and that was made visible with him not knowing she had been using a wallet he purchased for her for over a year. I’m sure Tamra felt very good about her marriage watching the train wreck they were having. I like Don a lot I do think that Vicky is probably a difficult person to love and keep happy and he is tired of trying. I do believe Vicky said it best when she said they are waiting for the other to give them attention and neither will do it.

Jeana redid her bedroom and had a half ass workout with her trainer. I hope that she finds some good lovin lord knows she deserves it. Her daughter was home visiting from college, calling the students at Berkeley hippies; their gonna kick her ass after this episode. She better get her some body guards.

Gretchen went to the Indy 500 with her husband he showed her off like she was a new pair of shoes. She is aware and cool with that so good for them. He is looking very sick though, is his cancer terminal or is he actually getting better? I am asking I really don’t know.

Now that Laurie is gone I think my new favorite housewife will be Tamra. The trainwreck that is set to replace Laurie seems to be crazy I need some time to feel her out.


Luda on Tyra Wednesday Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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