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Real Chance of Love Ep. 6 Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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And another one bites the dust… KiKi was sent packing last night and I was happy to see her go. The show competition was based around juicing up BMW’s which I think they both did pretty bad on but the lesser of two evils was the team that included Bay Bay Bay, Corn Fed, M.I.L.F., and Cali. Bay Bay Bay concocted this evil plan to get M.I.L.F. out of the house and antagonized her until M.I.L.F said that Real’s lips were all over her body putting M.I.L.F. in a bad light for telling what goes on behind closed doors. Bay Bay Bay worked every nerve that I had and I could see she was working Real’s nerves as well. When it was time for them to be alone and connect ALL she did was talk bad about M.I.L.F instead of focusing on her and Real. Can we say low self-esteem?! You don’t think you are good enough on your own to stay so you feel you have to attack someone else because the only way to secure your spot is to eliminate someone else. Well she was unsuccessful and KiKi ended up getting the boot. In other news, Rabbit spent time with Real and it appeared they made a connection but the next day Chance gave her 25 seconds of attention so she was confused on who she wanted again. To be sure Real didn’t take his girl Chance offered Rabbit her chain first and she scadaddled down all happy to receive it so needless to say I don’t know who the hell she wants to be with.

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