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Biggest Loser Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Filed under: Reality TV — denisesays @ 1:08 pm



I have been rooting for this girl for a long time so I am glad to see that she secured her spot to compete in the finale, even being placed at 1st place by losing 9 pounds. Vicky will also be competing and I much rather would have liked Ed or Heba to have the secure spot. Ed sabotaged his weight to make sure that he did not take Heba’s place in being in the running to win. At the end of the show they were informed them that America would decide who the 3rd finalist would be and in the confessionals Ed tried to convince America to vote for Heba. I personally don’t care I am to busy rooting for Michelle and hoping Vicky doesn’t win. I can’t really gauge what would be better for Michelle, Heba was the heaviest woman but Ed has lost more weight than anybody so I will just have to tune in for the finale next week to see. I LOVE Biggest Loser finales they are the best finales in reality tv, hands down!


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