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Brothers to Brutha Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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The number one spot for my favorite reality show right now is definitely Brothers to Brutha.

Last nights episode began with all the boys going to the beach and speaking with the mother of Anthony, Grady, and Jared. She reminded them of wanting them to buy her a house by the beach so they need to put that on the to do list.

Then the set up came for their father to come and sit with both the mothers. That actually went better than I thought it would go. It was absolutely horrible to hear the things that this man has done and to know both woman had multiple children with him. From punching them in the face to kidnapping them it was hard to hear. The more I hear about their past the more I like them and hope for great things in their future. I do hope that their bond can stand the test of money and fame.

Next week they hand to Miami and party it up, I will tuning in to witness the evening.


One Response to “Brothers to Brutha”

  1. Trisha Says:

    I definitely agree wit u! the show is soooo good! that one episode ur talkin about – i kinda felt bad for the dad sometimes cuz of all the guilt trips n yellin but i guess it’s too painful of a past that its hard to forget….btw have u been keepin up wit their hits??? i rilly like “I can’t hear the music” – watched the music vid like 10 times already…but i cant find a good one of “she’s gone” – but one good thing i got out of the vid search was a place that offers a free DL of the song! http://tinyurl(dot)com/BruthaFreeDownload

    thought u might be interested since u love the show!! ❤

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