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Farewell to Laurie of Real Housewives of Orange County Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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Well my favorite housewife gave her exit interview last night to say goodbye to cameras filming her life. Her son Josh is addicted to heroin and she wanted to focus her attention on her home life and not entertaining cameras. I’ll miss my girl watching her go from where she was season one to finding love and money, which is rare to find in the same person. Best wishes to her.

Now as for the other happenings on the show.

Vicky and Don accompanied Tamra and her husband on their 10th wedding anniversary trip to Napa. Vicky and Don spend absolutely no time together and that was made visible with him not knowing she had been using a wallet he purchased for her for over a year. I’m sure Tamra felt very good about her marriage watching the train wreck they were having. I like Don a lot I do think that Vicky is probably a difficult person to love and keep happy and he is tired of trying. I do believe Vicky said it best when she said they are waiting for the other to give them attention and neither will do it.

Jeana redid her bedroom and had a half ass workout with her trainer. I hope that she finds some good lovin lord knows she deserves it. Her daughter was home visiting from college, calling the students at Berkeley hippies; their gonna kick her ass after this episode. She better get her some body guards.

Gretchen went to the Indy 500 with her husband he showed her off like she was a new pair of shoes. She is aware and cool with that so good for them. He is looking very sick though, is his cancer terminal or is he actually getting better? I am asking I really don’t know.

Now that Laurie is gone I think my new favorite housewife will be Tamra. The trainwreck that is set to replace Laurie seems to be crazy I need some time to feel her out.


One Response to “Farewell to Laurie of Real Housewives of Orange County”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I had read online, that her husband or fiance dont know if they ever got married, but recently passed away.

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