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The ‘L’ Word Spoiler Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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January 18, 2009 The ‘L’ Word will air its 6th and final season bidding its farewell to Showtime and fans everywhere. Well here’s the thing if you have not heard they will kill off one of the original cast members in the first episode, wanna know who it is? Out of respect for my readers that would like to find out in January continue reading to see who…



jenny reports that Jenny Schecter will be found dead floating in a pool in the premiere episode.

The body of the much-maligned character (played by Mia Kirshner) will be found floating in a swimming pool during the first moments of the premiere, and how she got there is anyone’s guess. Accident? Suicide? Murder? If so, who’s the killer? These questions and more will be answered, but it may take all season to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Fortunately for Jenny fans, the brooding young writer will be making some calculated visits from beyond the grave. Producers have promised frequent flashback scenes of Jenny at her not-dead-yet best, and we imagine those scenes will prove instrumental in the solving of her case.


I will say this if they are going to kill somebody off I much rather it be Jenny I enjoy watching her character but if it were to have been Bette, Alice, or Kit I don’t think I could take it.

I look forward to watching the final season, it said to only have 8 episodes.


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