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Brandy Talks About Ray J’s Sex Tape Monday, December 8, 2008

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Brandy admits to being embarrassed for her brother, why I don’t know; he was not embarrassed at all. Plus Tyra admits to watching some of it and asks Brandy if she has seen it.


Brutha Prepares Song for Barack Obama Thursday, December 4, 2008

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R & B group Brutha and stars of hit reality show, ‘Brothers to Brutha’ received a call to prepare an a cappella song that they might possibly sing at the Presidential Inauguration. They quickly got into the studio to their rendition of Sam Cooke’s, ‘A Change is Gonna Come.’ The rendition is simply beautiful, lovin Brutha more and more.


CLICK HERE to download the song!


CLICK HERE to watch the video as the song was made.


Shane Meets Beyonce

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Okay so I didn’t watch any TV last night. It was my mans birthday so we had a little get to together but I will be on it tonight. I did stumble across this video of Shane, the very first one to master the choreography in the hundreds of remakes of Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies,’ he was meeting her for the first time at the Cadillac Records premiere, check it out.



Real Housewives of Orange County Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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The ladies of Real Housewives of Orange County were on last night. They focused on Vicky a lot this episode and not much has changed with her. She is still obsessed with work and her children and her husband is at the bottom of her list. I am not sure how you even plan a family vacation and not take the father what is a family vacation without the whole family. It is clear that Vicky is over her marriage probably stays just to save face.

The ladies teamed up with the exclusion of Laurie to attack Gretchen and make remarks to be caddy and rude. Gretchen handled it well I personally would have went off, this situation is why people gravitated towards Real Housewives of Atlanta. If this same situation would have happen and NeNe was Gretchen as my aunt would say, ‘chile please!’ it would have been some smoke in the city. Not Gretchen she sat there smiling while these women are clearly degrading her in her face when they know face with a similar situation there materialistic asses would have done the same thing. I know they feel it a sort of hazing process but I’m sorry once you are in your 30’s and 40’s you don’t haze anybody. You act like an adult and treat them the way you would want to be treated not like your Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls.

Nonetheless I love the OC ladies, I’m still getting to know Gretchen but I enjoy watching the show.

Next episode shows Laurie having some issues with her son again, DAMN! Guess she can’t have it all.



Chime In: T.I.

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T.I. teamed up with NBC to remix the classic chime in sound. Check it out!


Biggest Loser Families

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Biggest Loser is coming down to a close, next week is the last episode until the live finale. Last night Renee was sent home leaving her daughter Michelle on the ranch and leaving only one black team member to compete for the final prize. I know one thing, that was the best homecoming from the entire season, her speech was beautiful and her family support was inspiring to watch.

Okay now let’s dial it back to the makeovers, they left much to be desired but they were okay. The contestants went on the Tyra Show to debut their new look and to be reunited with a family member. I enjoyed Heba’s reaction to seeing her brother and knowing she surpassed the goal they set of 60 pounds, now her brother owes her a trip.

The challenge this week had them wedged in a glass box were they had to stay there until they dropped, last one still wedged won. Vicky gave up in seconds but was terrified to jump down. Michelle won the challenge and after Ed got back in the water Vicky finally jumped in. At the weigh in Ed and Renee were under the yellow line, there was no need for me to even watch the voting process I knew Renee was on her way out.

Next week is the last elimination and it will be announced that America is choosing the third contestant in the finale.

We shall see!


Bad Girls Club

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Bad Girls Club premiered last night, **deep breathe** this season should be interesting or it will just get on my last nerve. Kayla who apparently came into the house channelling Tenisha from the previous season. I kept waiting for her to say ‘pop off’ the entire episode. If you had the unmitigated gaul to inhale or exhale the wrong way she was sure to completely flip out hence getting kicked out of every club they went to. Tiffany appeared to be the only sane one or maybe she had at least one parent that loved her enough to teach her some home training. I don’t feel that she may make it the entire season, she might need to get out of there quick.

It was so much drama that I just hope you saw it for yourself, if not I’m sure Oxygen will replay it 1 millions times being that BGC is their meal ticket.

FYI-I don’t know if you heard or noticed from last nights episode but Whitney is from Boston and there is a certain way they ‘roll’. Just in case you didn’t know that.

Until next week…