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Biggest Loser Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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I have been rooting for this girl for a long time so I am glad to see that she secured her spot to compete in the finale, even being placed at 1st place by losing 9 pounds. Vicky will also be competing and I much rather would have liked Ed or Heba to have the secure spot. Ed sabotaged his weight to make sure that he did not take Heba’s place in being in the running to win. At the end of the show they were informed them that America would decide who the 3rd finalist would be and in the confessionals Ed tried to convince America to vote for Heba. I personally don’t care I am to busy rooting for Michelle and hoping Vicky doesn’t win. I can’t really gauge what would be better for Michelle, Heba was the heaviest woman but Ed has lost more weight than anybody so I will just have to tune in for the finale next week to see. I LOVE Biggest Loser finales they are the best finales in reality tv, hands down!


Biggest Loser Families Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Biggest Loser is coming down to a close, next week is the last episode until the live finale. Last night Renee was sent home leaving her daughter Michelle on the ranch and leaving only one black team member to compete for the final prize. I know one thing, that was the best homecoming from the entire season, her speech was beautiful and her family support was inspiring to watch.

Okay now let’s dial it back to the makeovers, they left much to be desired but they were okay. The contestants went on the Tyra Show to debut their new look and to be reunited with a family member. I enjoyed Heba’s reaction to seeing her brother and knowing she surpassed the goal they set of 60 pounds, now her brother owes her a trip.

The challenge this week had them wedged in a glass box were they had to stay there until they dropped, last one still wedged won. Vicky gave up in seconds but was terrified to jump down. Michelle won the challenge and after Ed got back in the water Vicky finally jumped in. At the weigh in Ed and Renee were under the yellow line, there was no need for me to even watch the voting process I knew Renee was on her way out.

Next week is the last elimination and it will be announced that America is choosing the third contestant in the finale.

We shall see!


Biggest Loser Families Ep. 9 Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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My girl Colleen was sent home last night after only losing 3 pounds it put her under the yellow line with Vicky. Vicky being the one who stood up king kong style and snatched Heba at a first place for who I dislike the most on the show and has now taken her place. So I hated to see Colleen my favorite on the show and Vicky my not so favorite on the show go head to head and see Vicky prevail because Amy C. couldn’t stand to show disloyalty two weeks in a row to the blue team and vote against them even though it could have been in her best interest. I also feel she felt a loyalty to Bob and did not want to send another blue shirt home.

The show started with the backlash of Amy C. voting Brady out last week and how pissed Vicky was. Vicky was infuriated being that Vicky and Heba act like high schoolers Vicky thought it was high school and not a game to win $1,000,000 and be the biggest loser. The show had an 80’s theme and they dress accordingly, it was so funny to see Ed embrace his wardrobe and give Bob and his hot pants a run for his money! I really like Ed and I don’t remember liking him this much before. Anywho until next week, the numbers are winding down and Jillian’s black team is looking pretty grim so we shall see how they weigh in.

Check out Colleen’s transformation below..