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Brothers to Brutha Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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The number one spot for my favorite reality show right now is definitely Brothers to Brutha.

Last nights episode began with all the boys going to the beach and speaking with the mother of Anthony, Grady, and Jared. She reminded them of wanting them to buy her a house by the beach so they need to put that on the to do list.

Then the set up came for their father to come and sit with both the mothers. That actually went better than I thought it would go. It was absolutely horrible to hear the things that this man has done and to know both woman had multiple children with him. From punching them in the face to kidnapping them it was hard to hear. The more I hear about their past the more I like them and hope for great things in their future. I do hope that their bond can stand the test of money and fame.

Next week they hand to Miami and party it up, I will tuning in to witness the evening.


Brothers to Brutha Ep. 3 Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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In last nights episode the five brothers were in NYC to do a radio interview with Angie Martinez-who looked great by the way. During the interview Jared revealed a little of his past how he had been involved in some robberies and as a teenager was stealing cars, even did some time in juvenile detention. Good to see him now singing with his brothers. When Angie announced that she wasn’t familiar with them and asked, ‘were they any good’ they immediately began singing a cappella and answered her question.

Later that day they went to their sister, Winter’s house, tensions were high between Winter and Anthony based upon some things that Anthony said in the past. It was his understanding that he had apologized and was forgiven but that was not the case at all. Winter saw Anthony in the same light as her father and that is not a good place to be. With the brothers talking to both parties seperately they both came around. I wish the damn show was a hour long, I’m always pissed when the show goes off.

Next week their father is coming and both his ex-wives will be there, that should be interesting.